Blog Tour – Stop #10 (Books by Centeno)

Dear readers,

My latest stop on the Blog Tour is with Kristy Centeno, who was kind enough to host me on her Books by Centeno blog.

In my guest post, I offer some ideas (culled from my experience with The Consistency of Parchment) for balancing writing pursuits with other professional obligations.

Here is a short excerpt from the guest post:

First of all, you have to make writing a priority. I know – this is one of those anodyne statements that are easily proffered in the place of more substantive insights. But what I have in mind entails more than just saying to yourself, “Writing is my priority and I’m devoting four [or five or eight or even ten] hours a day to this task”. I mean that you have to live with the story you’re in the process of writing; you have to carry it around in your head everywhere you go and be ready to stop (or at least delay) whatever else you’re doing to tend to it. This probably doesn’t sound much like ‘balance’, but in my experience the urge to write is something that we begin to see as self-indulgent within the context of all our other daily commitments. If you don’t make writing a serious priority, after a while you may find that you won’t have anything that needs balancing.


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