Blog Tour – Stop #8 (What Bla Did Next)

Dear readers,

Another day, another stop on the Blog Tour! Today we’re in the Emerald Isle, visiting Bláithín O’Reilly Murphy at her fantastic blog What Bla Did Next.

In my guest post, I discuss the writing process with specific reference to my own experience in crafting The Consistency of Parchment. In the same vein I offer a few pointers that may be useful for authors (aspiring and established).

Here is a short excerpt from the guest post:

I firmly believe in the value of getting well situated in the topic that you’re planning to write about. With The Consistency of Parchment I had set out to create a novel based partly in modern-day Eastern Europe, with all its attendant political and social history. In order to credibly do so, I spent a lot of time researching the character of Communist rule in this region over the decades from the mid-twentieth century onwards. I had spent some time in Budapest in 2003, which gave me a good foundation from which to explore some of these issues. However, I also did a lot of archival research, collecting any and all manner of book, pamphlet, monograph, and other published document that would help me better understand the setting that I presumed to capture in my fiction.


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