Extended – by popular demand :)

I’m pleased to announce two additional stops on the current BLOG TOUR for my newly published novel The Consistency of Parchment!

Please join me in welcoming Stephan J. Myers from Loss De Plott and Carl R. Brush from Writer Working. I’m a big fan of both of these blogs, and am honoured to have been invited to contribute guest posts to each, on August 29th and 31st, respectively.

The full slate of events is listed below. Dates in green indicate completed postings or interviews; the associated links will take you directly to the event in question.

August 4th: Utterances of an Overcrowded Mind (Author interview)

August 9th: Safire Blade (Author interview)

August 10th: The Write Connexion (Author interview)

August 13th: Naimeless (Guest post – “Inspiration in writing”)

August 15th: A Day in Doha (Cover reveal)

August 19th: NazilliVille (Author interview)

August 20th: Book Goodies (Podcast)

August 22nd: What Bla Did Next (Guest post)

August 27th: Patrick Satters (Author interview)

August 28th: Books by Centeno (Guest post)

*NEW!* August 29th: Loss De Plott (Guest post)

*NEW!* August 31st: Writer Working (Guest post)


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