Blog Tour – Stop #3 (The Write Connexion)

Dear readers,

No rest for the wicked, nor for the blog touring author-about-town! The third stop on my Blog Tour for The Consistency of Parchment is with Gabi Coatsworth at her popular site The Write Connexion.

In today’s interview I write about the book itself, and also describe some of the various resources that I found particularly valuable in moving from my completed manuscript to a ready-to-publish eBook. There are also some links to online information from Amazon and other sites.

Hopefully the aspiring authors out there will find some useful tips here – and ideally pick up a copy of The Consistency of Parchment in the process …

Here is a short excerpt from the full interview:

GC: I can see from the book that you’ve traveled in Europe a great deal. Did you live there once? And, – a couple more questions: What gave you the idea for this novel, and why all the train trips?

JT: I have studied in Copenhagen, and I also lived in Budapest for a short time. The idea for the novel really originated during my stay in Hungary. At the time, in 2003, the transition from Communist rule to democracy was already well underway, but I was still struck by the lack of severe Soviet-era architecture and customs; while there were traces of this past, much of that history seemed to have been swept out of view.

I started to consider the idea that we relate to the past in a very visceral way through the symbols and artifacts that we encounter in our daily lives. This is really the key underlying theme of the book, from which I then developed the storyline involving Cal, Kendra, and their journey to discover the contents of the safe deposit box for which Kendra possesses the key.

The frequent train trips in the book were based on my own travels throughout Europe. I used these episodes as a way to develop the bond between Cal and Kendra, and to flesh out the details of their motivations without impeding the narrative arc or the pace of the story.


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