Blog Tour – Stop #2 (MAJK INK)

Dear readers,

The Blog Tour for The Consistency of Parchment continues! Stop #2 is at the superb MAJK INK blog run by the equally wonderful Melody-Ann Kaufmann.

The post is titled “A Visit with a Literary Superman”; I’ll gladly accept the compliment, though I must admit that the writing process sometimes feels like my Kryptonite – as I’m sure most of the other writers out there will understand 🙂

Able to leap intercalary chapters in a single bound!


Here is a short excerpt from the full interview:

MAJK INK: While I have the book blurb listed on the page for our readers, let’s pretend I don’t. If you had to describe The Consistency of Parchment to someone who has never heard of it in about 3 minutes what would you say?

James: I would say that The Consistency of Parchment follows the misadventures of two travelers whose fates are thrown together in a most unexpected way. Cal Wendell and Kendra Velasquez have very different reasons for seeing through their quest to retrieve the contents of the safe deposit box for which Kendra holds the key. Nevertheless, along the way they find themselves forced to trust each other’s motives as they face a new and dangerous opponent who is intent on stopping their progress.


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