A meditation on love, excerpted from The Consistency of Parchment:

love is a clamour
a hush that rises by degrees to a crescendo
to a cacophony

love – the thought edges across my mind
skipping carelessly, oblivious, eyes shut and silent

as a wave that laps against a shore
endless, of unknown origin
a thing of beauty that wears … wears down
and wears me like my Sunday best

love – along sunken features harsh against the faint light
pulls me through paths,
sketching scenes on yellow scrolls
to emerge in hollow valleys
weeping for the years lost –

it is a true tale that filters eternity
and hatred, dirty
through my tired frame

love, fastened like a saddle
solemn and sombre,
clips my yoke as the lead cuts,
drawing blood from my lip.

One comment

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