Monthly Archives: July 2012

– Greatness, in writing as in life –

Let’s face it. As authors, most of us probably harbour dreams of penning the next Great Novel, of being feted in Franzenesque fashion by literary peers and purveyors of popular culture alike, of having our names mentioned in the same sentence as Tolstoy, Steinbeck, and Joyce – though in some other verbal construction than, “Yeah, […]

– Awesome Gang: Free book promotion for authors –

For all the aspiring authors out there, consider submitting your book details to the Awesome Gang website for free promotion! Please see the post for my novel The Consistency of Parchment at As most of us know, the market for new books is a challenging one. Free promotion websites make our marketing job substantially easier, and deserve our support! […]

– Overcoming the dreaded blank page –

After an unforeseen hiatus to deal with some personal issues I’m finally back to work on my PhD and my writing. And what better way to make some much needed progress on both fronts than to write a new blog post? I’ve been thinking lately about the spectacularly horrifying prospect of the blank page, and […]