– To Publication … and Beyond! Resources for an absolute beginner –

The bulk of my time over the last few days has been devoted to:

1) Checking my KDP account stats on a regular (read: hour-by-hour) basis to see how many ‘purchases’ of my novel have been generated during my free promotion period;

2) Scanning the blogosphere for interesting sites (of which there are many) that describe how to promote your book – legitimately – as an unknown, first-time author;

3) Transcribing the interviews that constitute the main source of data collection and analysis for my doctoral thesis.


Since I’ve finished a fair bit of transcribing (#3; also known as my ‘real’ work) already, I feel justified in writing a new post now. True, I could always be sending out more interview requests, preparing my job market materials, and chasing down leads on new analytical methodologies. But there’s so much interesting information out there on the whole digital book publishing and promotion business that I can’t help but be distracted.


To save you, dear reader, from having to do the same legwork as I did in finding relevant and credible information, I thought I would post some links to websites, blogs, and other resources that I’ve found particularly useful in getting a better sense of the post-publishing activities that inexperienced new authors should be pursuing.

After all, it’s a real accomplishment to finish writing a novel – so why shouldn’t you try to get the final product out in front of as many potentially interested readers as possible?


My book is published through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). There are scores of articles, both inspiring and cautionary, devoted to the notion of yoking your fortunes to the Amazon wagon. In my case the jury is still out, but already I’ve been surprised to see the amount of activity that the free promotion period has yielded. In a future post I’ll break down the numbers for anyone who may be interested. Hopefully by that point I’ll also have a better idea for whether the jump in sales carries through when The Consistency of Parchment comes back to its regular selling price.

In terms of getting the word out, both Author Marketing Club and Book Goodies let you advertise your Free Kindle book to their members at no cost. There are also services that let you list with them for a fee. I haven’t availed myself of the latter – not because I have any reason to doubt their benefits, but because I wanted to tap into some of the less costly resources first. See also this thread at Authonomy.com that lists various authors’ experiences with KDP free promotion.

Those are just a few of the links that I’ve found particularly beneficial over the last little while.

I’m nowhere near an expert on this topic, though – Do any of you have other suggestions for the inexperienced author/book promoter?

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