Free promotional period for my novel

Dear readers,

My novel The Consistency of Parchment is available for FREE download on from today through Wednesday June 20th. This is my first full-length book (Genre: Literary fiction), so I’m eager to get it in front of as many people as possible.

Here’s a quick summary of the plot:

Cal Wendell, a sensitive young management consultant with an overly anxious disposition, is returning to London after his latest client project. On the train he meets Kendra Velasquez, a small-time American thief who, at the behest of a mysterious benefactor, has purloined a small key from the safe deposit box at a Frankfurt bank. An innocuous misunderstanding brings the two travelers together, setting off a chain of events that will lead them across Europe and inadvertently into the midst of a decades-long feud. At the centre of the struggle is the key possessed by Kendra – and the secrets that it promises to unlock.


Please feel free to get your copy here – and if you could also provide a review on Amazon (preferably one overflowing with breathless praise) I would very much appreciate it!

Happy reading 🙂

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