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– Transcription as Writer Training –

After a few days in T.O. I’m back to work – in a manner of speaking. The job market for the particular Management specialization that I’m pursuing begins in earnest later this summer, so I’m scrambling (again, in a manner of speaking) to complete my data collection and analysis, and to put the final touches […]

Originally posted on Dr Sustainable:
I was awarded my PhD in January this year following a successful viva in November 2011, so thought I would try and summarise my experiences over the last 3-4 years and see if I could come up with some key points of advice from start to finish… Tip 1 – Academics need…

– To Publication … and Beyond! Resources for an absolute beginner –

The bulk of my time over the last few days has been devoted to: 1) Checking my KDP account stats on a regular (read: hour-by-hour) basis to see how many ‘purchases’ of my novel have been generated during my free promotion period; 2) Scanning the blogosphere for interesting sites (of which there are many) that […]

Free promotional period for my novel

Dear readers, My novel The Consistency of Parchment is available for FREE download on from today through Wednesday June 20th. This is my first full-length book (Genre: Literary fiction), so I’m eager to get it in front of as many people as possible. Here’s a quick summary of the plot: Cal Wendell, a sensitive […]

– The Curse of Clever Writing –

Today I thought I’d write about one of those ironic problems that I’ve suffered with for nigh on my entire life now, but which has become especially acute ever since I decided to become a Serious Writer: The impediment of clever writing to my growth and maturity as an author. By ‘clever writing’ one could […]

Originally posted on Fill The Emptiness With Beauty:
I’m terrified. Every time I think I could write, my mind tries to find excuses. “I’m tired, I should do this first, why don’t I play the guitar instead?” And I’m scared of writing because it’s the thing I want to do the most. I’m not scared…

– Chapter One from The Consistency of Parchment –

Some prose for your weekend enjoyment, my valued reader … Here is the first chapter from my novel The Consistency of Parchment. Your thoughts, comments, critiques, and suggestions are always welcome. The full book is available for the Kindle on Amazon’s website here. “On my count, okay? Not yet … Ready … Okay, n–” “That’s […]